We create holistic concepts that promote sustainable living.


Formed in August 2010 by Valerie Ang and Jonathan Tai, Inception was birthed out of a passion to transform lives, environments and societies.


We believe that, as global citizens, everyone has the capability to bring change. Our purpose is to be a vehicle of change through holistic creations that promote sustainable living. 

We value creativity, integrity & sustainability. Every individual has creative talents, and here at Inception we seek to provide opportunities for the development of individual skills and abilities.

Our long-term vision is to develop a basket of diverse creative projects that could include products, publications, multi-media productions, gastronomic experiences to name a few. By introducing new innovations and perspectives that are sustainable and economically feasible, we hope to contribute to harmonious and peaceful living on this Earth we call home.



Jonathan Tai

"I am passionate about social transformation for the betterment of our society and world."

Specialist Areas:
Thought leadership, public speaking, organisational strategy


Valerie Ang

"My passion lies in helping people fully develop their potential, free from any constraints."

Specialist Areas:
Art direction, ideation, personalised learning


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