Whether you’re an individual, a group of friends or a business, we want you!

Residents of Singapore may apply under one of three categories:



Anyone who is a resident of Singapore can apply.



Non-corporate teams can have up to 5 members. All team members should be Singapore residents.


Corporate entities must be registered in Singapore.

Your submission should be contained in a single file, an A4-sized document of no more than 4 pages.
The file size should be no more than 2MB.

Accepted file types: .pdf / .doc / .docx / .jpg / .jpeg


Your application must contain the following:

1. Title of Project / Initiative

2. Team Members’ Names (if more than one person, please indicate a Team Leader)

3. Company Name (for Business entries only)

4. Contact Details: Please provide an email address and phone number.

5. Explanation: What is your project or initiative about? This should be a summary of no more than 300 words.

6. Actions / Expressions: Tell us what you or your team did.

7. Results: Share your quantitative or qualitative results.


You may also include further information to supplement your applications, such as:

1. Testimonials from those who benefited from your actions

2. Graphs, bar charts or infographics to show relevant information

These must also be contained within the A4 document.



You may submit a maximum of three images per application. These can include photographs, illustrations or other forms of visual communication and must be high-resolution (at least 300 dpi).

Accepted file types: .jpg / .jpeg / .gif / .png



SGD $100.00


SGD $300.00


SGD $300.00