Why should I apply for the Cities of Love Award?

You’ll not only gain recognition from your peers but you’ll be able to reach a far wider audience as your work will be exhibited at Green Living 2017. As a winner, you'll also be presenting your work at the Green Living Forum.

There will also be opportunities for media coverage, networking with like-minded individuals and businesses as well as consideration for global sustainability awards.

Who is eligible for the Cities of Love Award?

Individuals and groups can apply as long as all applicants reside in Singapore. Corporate entities must be registered in Singapore to qualify for the Business application.

When is the deadline for submission?

The closing date for entries is 31 July 2017 at 12 midnight SGT. Any entries that we receive beyond the submission deadline will not be considered for the awards.

How many entries can I submit?

You may submit as many entries as you wish until the closing date of 31 July 2017 at 12 midnight SGT.

What’s the difference between a group and business entry?

Group entries can include students, neighbours, friends or members of wider social groups or communities, while business entries are for corporate entities where team members work for the  same company or as part of a joint venture.

For further clarification, feel free to contact Candy at candy-tan@inception.city.  

Can I submit my project under more than one category?

Each project is to be submitted under one main category: Social, Economic or Environmental Sustainability, under which you may tick all sub-categories that apply.

For example, a submission made under Social Sustainability could be considered for the areas of Education, Family Support and Communications.

How do I make payment for my submission?

We accept payment via PayPal. 

What happens after I submit my application?

The jury will convene for judging and visit project sites (if applicable) in August.

Winning entries will be announced on 31 August 2017. These will be displayed at this year’s Green Living exhibition at Marina Bay Sands in September, when the awards ceremony will also take place.

How will I know if I’ve won the award?

We will be in touch using the contact details submitted in your application form. The results will also be announced on this website.

How can I sponsor the Cities of Love Awards?

If you're interested in sponsoring the awards, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact Candy at candy-tan@inception.city to discuss opportunities.