Clean and contemporary.


The 664 collection is inspired by scenes from the Book of Revelations, contrasting dramatic silhouettes with a minimalist colour palette to create a series of strong looks for the modern woman.

7 garments, 20 unique outfits:

Have the wardrobe of your dreams without the destroying the Earth.

A unique system of detachable accents including sleeves, collars and hems transform tops, trousers and dresses into distinctive, stylish outfits. the collection comprises of 20 looks built from 7 basic garments, providing a glimpse of numerous outfit combinations.

We worked with suppliers to reclaim discarded materials including luxury sheets, mixing these with organic cotton and Ultrasuede to generate a variety of textures for customers to choose from.

664 also includes glow-in-the-dark accents: charged by day through light exposure, they form dazzling statement pieces by night.