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What you love, you will sustain.


Cities of Love is a book about
why and how people should love and sustain their cities.

Earth’s environmental problems are far from being resolved. A large part of these are due to ever-growing cities. Despite more efforts being made to improve cities, the challenges of implementing citywide change remain.

One of the fundamental reasons is that people are not motivated to help change their cities. Apathy is now the number one obstacle to positive change. There is hope and Love is the antidote.

Read more about our roadmap for sustaining future cities here.


London, UK

London, UK

Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka, Japan

Lyon, France

Lyon, France

Rethinking sustainable fashion.


SWITCH is a fashion house exploring alternative methodologies and materials for a sustainable future.

Created by Central Saint Martins alumni Jaime Tai and Pia Jacqueline Chandra in 2011, it was established with the intent of designing clothing that would encourage consumers to make more responsible choices while dispelling the notion that such garments are unappealing.

See more of the collection here.